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Facial Appliances Jupiter FL

Dr. Roy Blake, along with our team at Roy C. Blake III, DDS, MSD, Maxillofacial Prosthodontist can create a custom dental appliance to fit your needs. This may be to restore missing teeth, to provide additional structure to your jaw, to improve function, allow for better sleep, or to protect your existing teeth. During your consultation, we can examine and review your dental needs and how we can improve your oral health.

Tooth Replacement Appliances

Traditionally, most people considered a missing tooth to be a typical sign of aging, but today is different, people are healthier, living longer, and wanting more, a beautiful smile can help all of that. Missing teeth are more than an inconvenience. Missing teeth can be damaging to the health of your teeth, which can then escalate into damage to your overall health.

When a patient loses a tooth, there are some immediate negative effects, this includes atrophy in the bone, changes in how you chew, and adjustments in your diet to accommodate the new gap. These changes can mean trouble. Long term effects of a missing tooth can also be problematic, including changes to your facial shape and the uncontrolled shifting of neighboring teeth, which can cause problems to your jaw joint alignment.

You can reduce these problems, or even eliminate them, with the creation of a dental appliance customized to fill your missing teeth. We can create a dental bridge, a partial denture, or even a full denture to restore your missing teeth. Depending on the work; missing, your dental appliance can be stabilized through cement, clasps, suction, or even with the surgical insertion of Dental Implants. We are happy to review and discuss your tooth replacement appliance options with you.

Facial Appliances for Protection

In addition to replacing teeth, dental prosthetics can be used to protect your teeth. This is generally known as a mouthguard, though they, into two categories:
•  Sportsguard: A sports mouth guard is a plastic silicone device that we customize to fit your teeth to protect them while engaging in sports and activities. The number one injury that occurs in most sports is related to the mouth, wearing a sports guard can protect you and your child's teeth, saving you time in the dental chair and money.
•  Night Mouth Guard: A night mouth guard is a plastic silicone device that we customize to protect your teeth if you suffer from bruxism. Bruxism is a common condition in which the patient unconsciously clenches, gnashes, or grinds their teeth while they sleep. Bruxism is often a temporary condition, but the effects can be painful and expensive. Patients can create cracks in their teeth or grind their teeth flat. By simply wearing a night mouth guard, you can save yourself, pain, time in the dental chair, and money.

Facial Appliances For Sleep Apnea

We can customize an oral appliance that will allow for air to flow easier while you sleep, stopping the effects of sleep apnea. The most common reason for sleep apnea is the closure of the airway due to excessive tissue and the tongue slipping backward. Most patients discuss this problem with their physician, never thinking that a dental professional can help. We can help you breathe easier without a machine.

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Facial Appliances Jupiter FL
Bridges, dentures, mouth guards, and oral appliances for sleep apnea are available for our Jupiter area patients. Call today to schedule with us!
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