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Removable Dentures Jupiter FL

Animated image of removable dentures to show patients at Roy C. Blake III, DDS, MSD, Maxillofacial Prosthodontist in nearby Jupiter Florida exactly what these dentures look like. If you find yourself missing most or all of your teeth, one great tooth restoration option to look into is the use of removable full dentures. These can restore both the function and appearance of your smile without the hassle or price tag that comes along with permanent options. Dr. Roy Blake has years of experience in giving smiles back to those in need around Jupiter, Florida.

What Are Removable Full Dentures?

One of the best non-implant restoration options for those seeking a new set of teeth is the utilization of a set of removable full dentures. These are a full arch of artificial teeth that sit securely over the surface of your gums to restore the function and appearance of your mouth. Without teeth, you may find yourself suffering from problems eating and speaking, or you may have a shrunken or more elderly appearance.

Removable dentures help to reverse these problems by filling out your mouth again and giving you the tools you need to speak and chew adequately again. We also provide partial dentures, which are removable appliances that are held into place by attaching to the adjacent, healthy teeth, usually with wires or metal clasps. Partial dentures can also be accompanied by dental crowns or bridges.

Benefits Of Removable Dentures in Jupiter

First and foremost, your mouth will be functional once more when you have dentures. You will be able to eat and speak better than ever, and it will make a profound difference in your self-confidence and the way that people see you.

Enjoy Your Favorite Foods Again

Suffering from nutritional problems is also one major consequence of not having a complete set of teeth. Based on research, people with an incomplete set of teeth often suffer from malnutrition because of inadequacy to eat certain kinds of foods. The main reason for this is simply because it can be difficult to consume food. Most people with a missing tooth refrain from eating fruits and vegetables and result in carbohydrate consumption. A diet consisting mainly of carbohydrates does not provide your body with adequate nutrients resulting in a much bigger problem.

While a few foods may still be out of your ability with removable dentures, you will have further reaching access than you had without them. This will improve your overall health as well as you will be able to eat more of the healthy foods than may have been available to you prior.

Dentures Are Comfortable

Removable dentures are also sure to utilize all of the space in your mouth to provide the most comfortable fit. Many of our patients do need to adapt to wearing their dentures at first. You may find that you are producing extra saliva after your fitting for dentures, and it may feel strange while you adapt to wearing them. However, any difficulty wearing dentures should quickly fade as you get used to them.

Dentures Are Affordable

Another bonus of dentures is that your wallet will surely thank you. Replacing your teeth with full removable dentures is a very affordable option compared to permanent dental implants. It is within the budget of most of our patients.

Dentures Make It Easy To Speak Again

Missing teeth also makes it hard to pronounce words resulting in confidence loss when speaking. It lessens the quality of your life primarily because you might feel embarrassed to mingle with people or speak in front of them. Using dentures will allow you to speak naturally and avoid having lisps and the struggles associated with it.

Increase Your Self Confidence

There are convincing pieces of evidence supporting claims that your oral health does not only affect your physical health. More than just a manifestation of other health complications, an extensive tooth loss can cause a severe psychological impact on a person. People with poor oral hygiene and have damaged missing teeth tend to shy away from social activities because they lack the courage to face other people. This is because of how they see themselves. They are nervous to talk, smile, or laugh around other people. These simple gestures can often be misunderstood by people as a reticent behavior.

A healthy set of teeth encourages a deeper consciousness of positive attitude affecting your state of mind. It influences your inner perceptions about yourself and develops confidence. Although you might have an incomplete set of teeth, using dentures will make a difference, allowing others to see your smile again. It gives you the confidence to smile a whole lot more and inspires you to share your life with others.

The Process For Getting Dentures in Jupiter

The most important step of the denture process is the impression. If you are already missing all of your teeth, then you are set for the impression. Otherwise, we will remove the remaining unhealthy teeth before proceeding. We may also have to remove some extra tissues that will inhibit how the dentures sit in your mouth. Once you are totally healed up, we will make an exact impression of your mouth. This will guide us when creating the dentures so that we can make an exact fit that sits comfortably in your mouth. It only takes a few weeks for us to take an impression of your mouth and have a full denture crafted at our dental lab. Once your dentures are made, we can begin the process of making any minor adjustments you may need to enhance the fit and the comfort of your new smile. Once you are comfortable speaking and eating, you are all set!

Our prosthodontist, Dr. Roy Blake, knows how embarrassing or painful missing teeth can be, and we want to provide assistance to you. When tooth loss strikes, it’s very important to replace them as soon as possible. Removable dentures, whether partial or full, provide a more cost-effective solution to tooth loss than dental implants. This is a great and affordable way to get back that smile you had when you were younger.

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Removable Dentures Jupiter FL
Missing most or all of your teeth? One affordable & effective tooth restoration option is Removable Full Dentures. At nearby Roy C. Blake III, DDS, we can help! Call now!
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