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Dental Filling Jupiter FL

Repairing a tooth with filling material is the most common of all dental restorations.

There are several reasons we may repair a tooth, including following the removal of decay if the tooth was chipped, if a tooth was fractured, or following a root canal procedure.

Composite fillings cover the dentin layer and replaces the missing enamel. Our team at Dr. Roy Blake can help you have beautiful teeth either through a prosthetic or with composite filling.

Composite filling is a compound material made up of crushed quartz and a resin.

Though composite filling is not as long lasting as a dental crown or dental implant, it is strong and durable, it should last for several years with normal use.

Many patients express concern over composite material, fearing a lack of durability. In the past, tooth colored restorations were thought of as being the lesser of quality.

The material used today is stronger and better than ever. Best of all, composite material can be shaded to match your teeth, meaning the repair is invisible to most people.

How are Composite Material Fillings Placed?

Dental composite filling is a great material, and it can be manipulated and shaped to match the tooth, including the pits and valleys of your biting surface.

Additionally, composite material will adhere to the surface of the tooth, so we only need to remove the necessary decayed portion of the tooth before placing.

When a patient receives a filling, the general process includes:

•  Ensure the Patient’s Comfort: The first step to any procedure is ensuring the comfort of the patient. Depending on your needs and the amount of work being done, we offer a variety of anesthetics, the most commonly used being a local anesthetic, which numbs the area around the tooth.

•  Prepare the Tooth: Once the patient is comfortable, we then create a dam around the tooth. The tooth will need to be dry of saliva. We do this with a shield and cotton.

•  Remove Bacteria: Before we place the new material, we want to ensure that decay causing bacteria is removed. We will remove the diseased portion and wash the area before proceeding.

•  Place the Composite: The composite material is mixed and shaded to match your neighboring teeth. We then place the composite material onto the tooth in layers, slowly building and shaping as we go. We will check your bite as we go.

•  Curing the Material: Once the composite material is in place, shaped and checked, we then cure, or harden, the material using a blue laser light.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental Bonding is a technique that allows us to make simple repairs to teeth using composite material. This is ideal for teeth that have been chipped, cracked, or have small imperfections such as gaps or misshapen.

Though composite material is not as durable as a dental crown, it can last a patient for many years before needing to be adjusted.

Dental bonding takes a lot of artistic skill, we work to shape imperfections in your tooth, and we know the job has been done well when no one can see the work that has been done.

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Dental Filling Jupiter FL
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