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Dental Implant Restorations
West Palm Beach, FL

You can have your missing teeth restored with implants. We say restored because dental implants allow us to do more than simple replacement. With a dental implant we can rebuild the missing tooth structure.

At Roy C. Blake III, DDS, MSD, Maxillofacial Prosthodontist our team will evaluate the missing teeth, their placement, the number needed, and then together we can create a treatment plan combining both implants and prosthetics. We can show you how implants will do more than replace, they can restore.

When a single tooth is lost, patients are aware of the frustration of the missing tooth. What they are often unaware of is the immediate and continuing damage to their jawbone. Following the loss of the tooth is an immediate reaction of atrophy, or pulling in, of the bone mass. This is because all our bone is alive and requires tactile feedback to stay healthy. The jawbone renews itself as it receives feedback from teeth that help us to chew and speak properly.

When several teeth are lost the bone doesn’t get the feedback It needs and it starts to recede. Effects may not be so apparent following the loss of one tooth, but when a patient loses multiple teeth the effects become much more noticeable. The jawline changes, looking smaller, sunken.

With a healthy set of natural teeth, our jawbone receives exercise through the many fleeting spots of pressure applied throughout the day with our teeth. The energy of pressure transfers through the root and to the bone. When this connection is lost, so is the exercise that the jaw needs to stay healthy.

Patients who have replacement teeth retained using other teeth are still missing this transfer of energy because the root is still missing. Dental implants are a replacement root. With dental implants we are recreating that connecting piece that transfers energy from the teeth to the bone, keeping your jaw healthy. Dental implants are surgically placed.

Placing Dental Implants

The placement of dental implants is a minimally invasive procedure that is approved for many patients, even those who are more medically delicate. One of the most important determining factors for candidacy will be the patient’s ability to heal. Patients who take medications that decrease their ability to heal are being treated for cancer, who have uncontrolled diabetes, or who smoke, may need to take additional steps to prepare for surgery and post-surgical healing. We are happy to work with your physician to help you reach this goal.

Much of the work done in implant surgery is in the preparation phase. We will gather all medical and dental information. We will create a precise treatment map and plan. We will also want to help the patient be clear of infection, including gum disease, to increase better healing changes. We go into the surgical procedure with a precise plan and prediction of recovery.

The surgical procedure begins with ensuring the comfort of the patient. Many patients find a local anesthetic to be enough, but we do have other conscious sedatives available if needed. With the patient comfortable, we begin by opening the gum tissue as the surgical site. We locate the bone and then use a specialized dental drill to create the needed space in the bone. We then insert the implant into the bone. Once placed, we then suture the tissue closed and pack the area to help with bleeding. Your gum tissue will heal within days, but the bone healing can take several months. Depending on the prosthetic and implants being used, we will discuss the placement of the prosthetic to restore your missing teeth.

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If you suffer from tooth loss and are looking for a permanent solution to rebuild your smile, call Roy C. Blake III, DDS, MSD, Maxillofacial Prosthodontist at (561) 296-3399 to discuss your options!
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