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Maxillofacial Prosthetics
West Palm Beach, FL

A smiling male patient from Roy C. Blake III, DDS, MSD, Maxillofacial Prosthodontist.Our maxillofacial prosthetics are skillfully crafted to assist with a variety of reconstructions such as occlusion of fistulas, palatopharyngeal incompetence, speech production, or for those people whose faces and mouths are affected by serious injury or illness. Our team will use both skill and science to improve your function and appearance.

We offer palatal obturators, speech appliances, palatal lifts, and facial appliances. Contact our office to learn more!


we can improve your speech and ability to properly chew and swallow with the fitting of an obturator following maxillectomy or palatectomy surgery.

Speech Appliances

A dental appliance can be personalized and fabricated to meet your specific needs to improve speech.

Palatal Lifts

We can create a prosthesis that will improve your speech and assist with swallowing. A palatal lift prosthesis is a removable device that will help lift and hold the velum tissue.

Facial Appliances

We can create a custom dental appliance to fit your needs. This may be to restore missing teeth, to provide additional structure to your jaw, to improve function, allow for better sleep, or to protect your existing teeth.
"Dr. Blake is always extremely professional, meticulous, accommodating, and at the same time, affable and sincerely interested in his patient’s well-being and concerns. The staff is at all times very courteous and professional. Their constant friendly and pleasant attitudes ensure that at every visit, the patient’s experience is always relaxing and positive." -John

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At Roy C. Blake III DDS, MSD, our team will use both skill and science to improve your function and appearance with a variety of reconstructions! (561) 296-3399
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